The Belstaff jacket

I have always had an internal dialogue when it comes to making purchases, the dominate consumer part of me often delivers the crushing blow  ‘it is an investment’, on the practical (you need to make rent) part of my psyche. This has been applied to many a purchase; grey suede Vivienne Westwood pirate boots (I, like Kate Moss, sadly went there), numerous pairs of Dior Homme jeans (which I now can not tease past my calves), a Junya Watanabe fair isle jacket (more than my grand parents first home, a rather disconcerting fact). Whilst many of these fascinations have been fleeting, one purchase that has stood the test of time has been my Belstaff Jacket, purchased on my 21st birthday, which is still going strong a decade later.

A few years ago I decided to hunt down a 60’s Made in England version of the Belstaff trailmaster, rich from some eBay purge (farewell pirate boots). I was helped with this by Doug Gunn of the Vintage Showroom who hunted down an elusive size 36 for me. The jacket fit like a glove and smelt like a wet dog making it feel all the more authentic.

To an interview Doug’s on Belstaff jackets at