Sam Lambert & Shaka Maidoh

Everyone loves a duo don’t they? I mean singles are great, but if there’s two of something, beautifully complimented, then its more than twice as good somehow. These chaps Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh are such a pair. Perhaps it is the perfect contrast between their similarities and their differences that makes them so special.  Or perhaps its just because they both happen to be superbly turned out, I’m not sure, but it definitely works and there is a constant source of street style snaps to back this up.

Apart from being supermen about town, Lambert and Maidoh are the brain children behind creative collective Art Comes First which is a collective in which they use their own creative network to connect to each other and externals. They come with creative concepts and collaborations heavily inspired by craftsmanship, history and the dedication to the future, which you can see coming through from their own personal styles.

Check our their website to watch their latest video ‘The DJ Technique Applied to Menswear’.