The Evolution of the Bomber Jacket

Words Marta Sundac

The evolution of the bomber jacket has gone from fighter pilots, to skinheads, to the backs of regular Joes everywhere. Its many iterations, including satin, leather, collared or collarless, are all testament to its staying power and thus our predicament in today’s fashion climate. As we’ve already established the bomber jacket trend isn’t going anywhere. It has firmly planted itself as a wardrobe staple and is almost beyond trendy now – it’s as much a part of the daily routine as jeans and button-ups.

So we’re not going to show you another pick of the latest bombers and clog up your feed with new versions of the same old. No, we’re going to take a step back in time and dig deep into the history of the bomber jacket, through a style dissection of cinema. Because we feel that to fully embrace something, one needs to know the story behind it. And because the silver screen has long been a favourite source of sartorial inspiration. Less fleeting than fashion styles in music, cinematic style is like a fine wine to the record industry’s vodka daiquiri – one might appear more exciting, but you’ll pay for it later on. So take note as we delve in to the most iconic bomber jackets in film history.

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